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The old testament and holy bible create a combining thread between Jews and Christians that has been linking the two faiths for thousands of years. The holy land of Israel was promised to the Jewish people, and after 2000 years in exile, the chosen people got to return to the land given to them by the Lord.

Since the establishment of the land of Israel, the Jewish people have had to fight enemies from all around that dispute their rights to inhabit the land. One of the greatest struggles the Jews in Israel deals with redeeming lands by developing sparsely lived in areas, such as the Jordan Valley.

Along with their struggle, the Jews have found a friend in Christian Evangelists who believe in the biblical prophecy of the return of the Jewish people to Israel and the resurrection of Jesus Christ once the prophecy is fulfilled.

The faith of Christians and Jews creates an unbreakable bond that stems from the pure belief in the word of God and the biblical prophecies that will bring peace to the earth. This unique bond grows stronger with each passing year as Christians and Jews collaborate in a variety of projects, and Christians visit the holy land to walk where Jesus walked and view the sites mentioned in the holy bible.

With the help of the Evangelical movement, the Jews can continue to inhabit Israel and turn into a nation that will fulfill the word of the lord.

Support Israel in Its Struggles to Survive

Since the war of independence in 1948, the state of Israel has been struggling to grow and survive while being surrounded by enemies from all ends. With growing antisemitism around the world, it is becoming increasingly challenging for the Jewish People to find support and move forward with the settlement of the land.

While Israel is developing at a rapid speed, there are still areas in the land that need to be inhabited for the return of Christ’s prophecy to be fulfilled. The Jordan Valley is one such area that requires investment, which is why supporting Israel is crucial.

When you donate to Israel, you do not only help the chosen people to obey the word of God, you also bring close the return of Christ to earth.


Fulfilling the Prophecy – Hastening the Return of Christ

The Jordan Valley lies in the Eastern border of Israel, and like all of the country’s borders, it has been the location of a number of tragic terrorist attacks. To protect this valuable and vulnerable location, the state of Israel has fortified the Jordanian border and invested millions of dollars in preventing further attacks.

The border is always also fortified by the IDF that defends and secures the area. As of today, the Jordan Valley is sparsely inhabited – something that the Jewish people wish to change. A Jewish settlement in the Jordan valley will protect the area and help fulfill the prophecy of the Jews returning to all areas of the land of Israel.

A Jewish presence in the Jordan valley will also help protect the area and its holy sites where Jesus walked. After more and more people will settle in the Jordan Valley area, it will develop a great deal, like other areas in Israel.

The Jewish inhabitants who will reside alongside the Jordan border will develop the area and all that it requires to flourish: industry facilities, agriculture, transport, and visitation sites will all lead to the growth of the Jordan Valley and in the end – the fulfillment of the prophecy of the return of the Jews to the holy land.

One of the most important purposes of the holy land redemption Foundation is to redeem the Jordan Valley and settle it with Jews as there is no sovereignty without a settlement. The settlement will ensure the safety of the Jordanian border on the east, and the development of yet another important area of the holy land.

The redemption of the land is the essence of Zionism and it allows the Jews to continue the path of Abraham. The settlement will also fulfill evangelical beliefs according to which the Messiah will resurrect after the prophecy of Israel being settle is complete.

The entirety of the land of Israel is a God-given promise that cannot be violated and should not be negotiated. The security of the Jewish people and its safety depend on developing lands at all its ends – the Jordan Border included.

It is the only truly safe place on earth where Jews can reside as they were exiled, killed in the holocaust, and driven outside of every place they inhabited in the past. The settling of the Jordan valley is yet another step to redemption, and you can take a part in the creation of evangelicals Israel to where the Messiah can return.

Take a Part on the Journey to Redemption

The Jordan Valley is a crucial area on the path to redemption and the return of the Messiah. The Jewish people do all they can to settle the area, but it is nearly impossible with all the problems that arise in the country daily.

With daily security fires to put out and having to spend funds to protect all of Israel’s borders, the development of the Jordan Valley is delayed. As a result, both Jewish and evangelical beliefs are far from coming to fruition, until the area is settled. To fulfill the Jewish people’s destiny and hasten the return of the Messiah, Israel needs financial assistance.

The best way to donate money to Israel is through support Israel foundations, like the holy land redemption Foundation. When you donate to Israel, you strengthen the bond between Jews and Evangelical and help the world take a step closer to redemption. The holy land redemption Foundation funnels funds to the Jewish people, which they use to settle the Jordan Valley and expend the land.

Every dollar helps make the prophecy closer, and with your help, Jews and Christians can fulfill the word of God and make the world a better place for the future.

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