A Vision for Generations

This week, President Trump, a great friend of Israel, announced “The Deal of the Century,” to instill peace into the Middle East in general, and between Israelis and the Palestinians in particular. 

He presented his plan at a press conference in the eastern room of the White House, in the presence of the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, ambassadors (from Arab countries too), senators and many friends of Israel.

It was clear that the American administration had invested much thought in the initiative and addressed every aspect of the conflict. From a timeline, clear maps, Jerusalem, and all the other issues that have been discussed for decades.

Israel has always had its arms outstretched for peace and time and again it was the Arabs who refused every proposal, however enticing. That has been the scenario with all of Israel’s governments to date. It seems that this time too, the Arabs will not miss the opportunity to miss yet another opportunity placed at their doorstep.

The Jewish people have returned to their Land and our historic role is to settle and develop the Land in all areas, and indeed we are – in Torah, Medicine, Agriculture, Technology and many other fields.

Israel has become a beacon to the world.

And as such, we are perfectly capable – once the conditions are ripe – of helping the Palestinians to advance their own people too, if only they would want to!

“The Deal of the Century” specifically touches every area in Judea and Samaria, and above all, the plan declares the Jordan Valley to be the State of Israel’s eastern security border. This declaration opens myriad possibilities for developing the region, and in the civilian realm too – establishing towns, industry, agriculture, education systems and more.

The Holy Land Redemption Fund was set up to redeem lands in the Jordan Valley and become full partners in developing the area. Civilian bodies were always involved in developing the Land, along with overseas friends who also became full partners in the mission.

We ask you too to become a partner in the Jordan Valley’s continued development, in the light of the vision of the Prophets and the contemporary vision of the President of the United States of America.

You can contact us through the THLRF website or our Facebook page.

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